Every dream holds the truth of our own capabilities, judgments and resources. No matter how perplexing or disturbing, each dream narrative points to our inalienable rights by offering images that either hold or withhold our freedom to act, to speak or to think. Independence day is a day of liberation from dependency and external control.

Tuesday’s Art of the Dream workshop 7/13 is a day for release from restrictive attachments. This is a day to exercise immunity from the authority of inner tyranny and self abuse. This is a day of rebellion!


2 Responses to “WORKSHOP: INDEPENDENCE 7/13/10”

  1. Freya Diamond Says:

    After a month hiatus due to our mutual travels, it was liberating to spend an afternoon in total contemplation of our dreams.
    And to gift myself this time to reconnect with the joy of creating something concrete out of the confusion that was my dream.
    I will attempt to photograph the structure and post it when I figure out how to do this.
    Thank you Victoria for yet another satisfying Tuesday Afternoon in your magical space!


  2. alex fischer Says:

    this workshop was a good reminder to examine the currents parts of my life where I might let something interfere with my freedom to make the choices that are the most thrive-ful ( is that a word? if not, it should be).

    It was a time to discover a particular dream image that at first glance, seemed judgemental, or scary, only to experience the shift into that character’s invitation/challenge to jump out of fear and into play.

    Such a good workshop. Thanks, Victoria!


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