Every sentient being dreams. Humans typically dream every ninety minutes. The first REM cycles are short. But as the night wears on, the length of the dream cycles get longer. The more rest we get at night, the more chance we have of having longer, more memorable dreams. Dream recall can improve by trying any of the following techniques:

  • Make a conscious wish to remember a dream before you go to sleep.
  • Write out a dream incubation (a question or a topic of concern) before going to sleep.
  • Place a pen and a pad of paper with a tiny night light or a voice recorder beside the bed, so that you are ready to record a dream the moment you wake up.
  • Avoid censoring or judging the merit of the dream.
  • Record any fragment or wisp of a dream even if it makes no sense.
  • Read a book about dreaming at bedtime.
  • Try to wake up without an alarm clock. Avoid using a radio to wake up to if you must use an alarm.
  • Join a Dream Group. Psyche tends to remember dreams when she knows she’ll be heard.

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