Traversing the hemispheres of the night mind can be a daunting journey if we have no way to find our bearings. We awaken feeling lost and disoriented with no way to ground our experience in this sea of shifting tides.

A visual, symbolic depiction can speak more than words when attempting to define the strange upside down, inside out world of dreams.

By arranging coordinates to describe the dream narrative, we can navigate through the geography of time, memory and mystery.

Draw a map of your dream

  • Diagram the twists and turns in the landscape as well as in the plot of your dream.
  • Mark patterns of movement or migrations.
  • Indicate the distances between places or events.
  • Notice the placement of crossroads.
  • Make notations about the points of interest along the way.
  • Chart the boundaries, the short cuts, the detours, the alternate routes.
  • Mark the edges, the obstacles, the dead ends.
  • Create turnarounds and escape routes.
  • Make connections. Create bridges.

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