Dreams are intricate puzzles. We often awaken bewildered and confused by our nocturnal meanderings in a bizarre world of entanglements, complications and reversals. We find ourselves in situations which are the direct opposite of what we expect. Our best intentions are undermined. Our morality is mocked. Our notions of rational law and order are turned inside out.

In many dreams, we assume a role as one of the characters through which we view the dream story unfolding. This personification is often referred to as the “Dream Ego.” Step outside of this point of view.

Allow two opposing characters to have their own voices. In a stream of consciousness writing technique, let each one speak for five minutes with certainty about what it knows for sure. Perhaps one character says the opposite of what the other character knows to be true. Allow the characters to contradict one another.

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true. This is the essence of the genius of our dreams.  Can you allow yourself to accept different versions of “The Truth?”

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