Our nightly dreams are the repository of our deepest memories and feelings. They call to us from the innermost center of our being. They touch us in our tenderest places with the depth of our longing, our joys and our sorrows. They enchant us with euphoria, they arouse our passions, they frighten us, they inspire us and they fill us with wonder. Yet, the dreams of the night are not easy to decipher. When we reenter the dream landscape through collage and creative writing techniques, we are meeting Psyche in her own language of metaphor and symbol. Guided dream journal techniques will unravel the riddles of the night and give voice to the yearnings, anguish and ecstasies of the paradoxical realm of the dreaming mind.

8/29 San Francisco Advance Reservations: Peggy Adeboi  (415) 337-6430

8/30 Berkeley: Advance Reservations: Naomi Epel  (415) 377-1176

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