The celebration of Chanukah comes in the darkest time of the year to recall a dark time of the heart when the soul of our identity was assaulted. For eight nights, when the candles are lit, we are reminded that we must always keep our faith and resist tyranny. Chanukah reminds us that there is always a drop of pure oil hidden deep in the heart of everyone, which, if kindled, can burst into flame. The Miracle we celebrate is one of Light; the inner Light that cannot be extinguished.

All the world’s problems stem from light being withheld….
Wherever we find light,
we must rip away its casings, exposing it to all,
letting it shine forth to the darkest ends of the earth.
Especially the light you yourself hold.
Tzvi Freedman adapted from the writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


The dream, like the story of Chanukah, takes place in the dark where identity and soul are challenged nightly. Is there an image of light within your dream that cannot be extinguished? How can you rekindle or rededicate your inner light?

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