The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a dragon, snake or serpent swallowing its own tail to sustain its life in an eternal cycle of renewal. The enigma of the dream is like the paradox of the Ouroboros who emerges from the clash of opposites – the beginning that originates from its own end. This ‘feedback’ process is parallel to the experience of working with dreams throughout our lives.

The perpetual cyclic nature of our dream narratives can create a self-fertilization for the integration and assimilation of “the opposite” in which we incorporate our shadow.

Your Mission should You Choose to Accept it….

Drop your preconceive notions about the recurring themes in your dreams and in your life.Turn your dream situations upside down and inside out. Balance your assumptions about the meaning of your dream by visualizing polar opposites. Nothing is fixed or unalterable in the world of dreams. “Shift Happens” by simply wandering through the dreamscape.

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