Although most experienced Dreamers know that dreams mirror our deepest truths, we often awake confused by symbols and situations that reverse our notions of integrity and morality. As long as the ego interferes, we experience a world of opposites. We are often confronted by a reversal in a mirror world that shows up as a split, a distortion, a double image or a duality. The maiden appears as a crone, the prince appears as a beast. Yet, the dream reflects a self portrait – if we care to look deeply into it.


The Mirror… is without ego and without mind…
It receives and reflects back what is there—
nothing more or nothing less… 
It does not evaluate, judge or act…
If we are to see as [the Dream] sees, 
we must first become mirrors. 
We must become no-thing 
so that we can receive some-thing….
               Richard Rohr

 In a stream of consciousness style, write for ten minutes without stopping the movement of your pen. Mirror the dream by reflecting upon the images with as many observations and details as possible. Riff with whatever thoughts present themselves. Is there at least one image in the dream which has no split and offers a reflection of unity?



  1. I stumbled onto your website and blog because of am ad in the San Diego Book Arts newsletter for your workshops. I am a watercolor teacher who was recently asked to teach a workshop on how to paint one’s dreams. Your work and blog has some wonderful images on the topic of dreams. Thank you so much for your beautiful, unique work. Is there any book or website etc. you recommend for me to get more information on painting dreams?


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