Pandora was originally an earth goddess whose name means giver of all gifts. Her symbol was originally a honey vase filled with blessings; the source of all things. Her story DEVOLVED in a mythic inversion during the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy during the Hellenic Period. Pandora was demoted from her revered status as a goddess who gave all good things to men. She was transformed into a mortal woman who introduced every conceivable evil to mankind. Her gifted feminine nature was turned into a shameful and deceitful complexion.


Curiosity is the most fundamental key to creative DreamWork. Those of us who explore our interior worlds are guided by a sense of wonder for the strange and fascinating worlds within. Release some aspect of the dream that seems stored or trapped. When you dare to open your dream, what energy are you are releasing? Is it something fragile, fearsome, precious, or secret? Does your thirst for self-knowledge become a Pandora’s Box? Is your innate inquisitiveness an invitation to unforeseen complications? Does the opening of your dream reveal a gift or a curse?

Write for ten minutes and see what spills out.

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