From my Seminar and Workshop Series:: JUNG, THE RED BOOK AND THE INNER JOURNEY ©2012
with Dr. Florian Birkmayer
In the desert the solitary is relieved of care and therefore turns his whole life to the sprouting garden of his soul…
I look down at myself. I am fully covered in green leaves, which spring from my body. A strange being grows through me. 
I am a laughing being of the forest, a leaf green daimon, a forest goblin and prankster, who lives alone in the forest…neither disposed nor indisposed toward men, full of mood and chance, obeying an invisible law and greening and wilting with the trees, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither good nor bad, merely living, primordially old and yet completely young, naked and yet naturally clothed, not man but nature, frightened, laughable, powerful, childish, weak, deceiving and deceived, utterly inconstant and superficial…and yet reaching deep down, down to the kernel of the world.
I am a greening tree being, who loves nothing but greening and growing…
I let the wind and distant cries and commotion of opposites blow calmly through my branches,
I want to exist from my own force, like the sun which gives light and does not suck light….I recall my solar nature and would like to rush to my rising…

All quotes on this page are excerpted and adapted from C. G. Jung’s Writings.


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