Victoria’s trainings are suitable for personal growth in self-awareness and emotional growth as well as for professional enrichment with tools and techniques for use in a therapeutic environment.


Our nightly dreams are the repository of our deepest memories and feelings. They call to us from the innermost center of our being. They touch us in our tenderest places with the depth of our longing, our joys and our sorrows. They enchant us with euphoria, they arouse our passions, they frighten us, they inspire us, they fill us with wonder. Yet, the dreams of the night are not easy to decipher.

At first look, dreams appear to be an unruly conglomeration of elements, a disorderly jumble of confusing imagery without order or connection. Distinguishing meaningful utterances from such apparent nonsense is not a trivial task. Our minds seek order and balance. Without a sense of authority or cohesive structure, our minds become confused by the chaos and absurdities in the dream narrative. Because of the nonsensical distortions of reality, many believe that dreams are random, unpredictable misfirings in the brain. Yet, anyone who has ever worked with a dream knows that the chaotic appearance of dreams is simply camouflage for the multidimensional genius of our night minds.

To reveal complex messages, dreams speak to us in metaphors, symbols, paradoxes, and shifting shapes. Consequently, we must learn to translate the language of dream images with our imaginations not with rational systems of logic. When we reenter the dream landscape through creative adaptations, we are meeting Psyche in her own language. Through the practice of collage and creative writing, we can learn to decrypt codes and unravel riddles. Our wild stories of the night invite us into a world where we can give voice to indefinable yearnings, inexpressible anguish, indescribable beauty and ineffable ecstasy.  To step across the threshold of a dream with creative techniques is to enter a world of enchantment where we can experience inner vision with the wonder of a child and the sophistication of a master.


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